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The Academic Year comprises of two terms
I Term from Apr –Sep
II Term from Oct-Mar (Followed by summer vacation)


Kindergarten will be a smooth, sunny introduction for the child. It acts as a transition from home to school environment. Children are moulded by giving a number of games and activities such as drawing, singing, which help them develop their fine motor skills, a love for learning and build social skills. Kindergarten goes a long way in the overall development of the child. It develops a child's social, emotional, literacy and fine motor skills, on which they need to build during the formative years. During this period, a child learns by engaging its sense of hearing, sight, smell, and touch.

Kindergarten program would offer a variety of learning experiences that are fun and learning-oriented at the same time. Child's interest for learning, and curiosity for his surrounding would increase, through exposure to the outside world. Kindergarten introduces your child to new ideas, develop problem solving skills, along with the following skills:

● Learn to coordinate and cooperate with fellow students
● Become more aware of his surroundings
● Respect for others and start understanding others feelings
● Develop language skills, numeracy and reading stories
● Making friends
● Receptible to new concepts and ideas
● Build confidence
● Improve communication skills
● Express their creativity through art, drawings and dance
● Develop academic skills like reading, writing and counting

Pre-Primary Curriculum

The curriculum has a healthy mix of formal and informal education which enhances an all-round development and growth of a child through play way methodology of teaching, which includes reading, writing and arithmetic. The children are also encouraged to participate in various group activities.

At the pre-primary level they are exposed to singing, play activity, field trips, celebration, festivals, puppet shows, cultural events, and Theme based events like Colour Day , Grand parents Day, Hand washing Day etc., to name a few.

Primary School Curriculum

The primary curriculum incorporates new content and embraces new approaches and methodologies. The importance of literacy and numeracy to personal fulfilment is given focus. The curriculum also responds to changing needs, particularly in the areas of science , Information technology, social, personal and health education, and English as a prime language of communication.

Middle School Curriculum

The curriculum recognises the importance of developing the full potential of the child. It will enable students to acquire values. It endeavours to equip children with the knowledge and skills that will serve them not only in their lives as children but later as adults. It promotes their emotional and physical development and their capacity for creative expression and response.

High School Curriculum

The curriculum places emphasis on interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, effective communication and ability to think critically and application-oriented learning, so that children may cope successfully with changing times. Higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills is developed through specifically designed programmes and collaborative learning is encouraged.

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